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Characters with blinding bangs are probably among the best looking males in anime. Afros will never be old-fashioned, especially in anime. Chiharu, on the other hand, mistakes Toyohi's honest interest for a mere curiosity towards a wizard's power. Previous Articles. Ringo was very nice when he noticed that Nanami had problems with his classmates, and he helped her demonstrate that she was worth attending the Saotome Academy! Previous Articles Top 5 Anime by Chanty. On the contrary, Mari shows him all her disgust, and she goes as far as to spit in his face. This may be related to the fact that they are ok with the idea of not washing their hair in order to keep their dreadlocks. He can overreact if he sees one bug next to him, and this is another reason why he become object of non-stop teasing by the others.

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Given the premises, you would expect a pink-haired character to be all sweet and girlish. Aside from this, his friendly side shows up when he meets Rin for the first time. Let's move on our 2nd position, with a character who found himself dealing with a difficult person as a lover: Chiharu Kashima, a professional wizard.

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An italian girl currently living the Japanese Dream. The irony in their story is that Mattsun, for the first time, has to fight to obtain the attention of a girl, who is head over heels for her best friend, Anna. Akari just lacks the patience to filter words and make them seem less harsh, but he only speaks the truth. He is a mage in the Fairy Tail guild, and wields the power of the flame.

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Aporro has the tendency to see the others as just objects for his researches. This hairstyle just gives them so much personality. He can hurt people, but he just doesn't realize it as he is just as naive as he seems. Characters with blinding bangs are probably among the best looking males in anime.

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Then, his cold facade crumbles down whenever one of his friends is injured; he doesn't hesitate, he just runs to help his teammates! Akari Dezart from Karneval works as a scientist in the research division of the Circus organization. Have you ever wondered what is it about anime guys that makes them look so ridiculously cool? We chose these characters as they have different characteristics, ages, and backgrounds. He is narcissistic to a disturbing extent, and usually makes lewd comments about his enemies. Anyway, he just wants his best friend and his sister to be happy, so he will calm down eventually. For as cheerful as he is, though, when he is confused with a girl, he can get very angry, and become fearful; and he can get even angrier when he is not recognized as the popular idol that he is.

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License: Personal Use Only. Information - Animal Crossing Characters. Ragnarok Online Characters Png. Anime Character Transparent Background.

Powered By SC Team. Free download. Popular PNG Searches: food happy web girl hair monster technology characters lunch chinese character internet story hairstyle Anime boy with dreads character reggae sauce jamaica animal rasta. Related PNGs. Its freads is Anime boy with dreads and it is transparent background and PNG format.

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Let's move to the 4th position with a supporting character who immediately gained popularity among viewers! In spite this, though, he doesn't take his role too seriously. An italian girl currently living the Japanese Dream. In general, bald heads reflect a strong character and an unbreakable will also reflects wisdom and experience in older people.

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Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by Chanty. Users Online Rendered in He is a tyrant, and he hurts people with words, but he has no bad intentions.

Anime Made Me Get Dreadlocks?!

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