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Sensual Beauty. Views 4, Why am I seeing this? Laughter is something quite sensual and intimate to me. Closed Eyes by boomers Franzi in motion by thom trauner. Smoke by thom trauner. First Time by boomers

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Franzi Skamet, photo: Tomasz Zienkiewicz zieniu. Robert Pete. Pulse is calculated by an algorithm, which is unique to px and is based on engagement activities from the community on your photo.

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Stefan Schmitz By: Stefan Schmitz. Apr 19, Closed Eyes by boomers Sunday morning by boomers

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Franzi Skamet. Pulse is calculated by an algorithm, which is unique to px and is based on engagement activities from the community on your photo. Sacha Leyendecker.

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Sugar and Spice Tour. Sign in. Franzi by thom trauner. Laughter is something quite sensual and intimate to me. Views 4, Sign Up. Apr 19, Notifications Activity. Why am I seeing this?

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Stefan Schmitz is a photographer living in Northern France and specializing in sensual and nude portraits. I stumbled upon Naked photos of korean girls work during one of my searches for photographers using Free Software on Flickrand as someone who loves shooting portraits his work was an instant Redhead big tits for me.

Here is our conversation edited for clarity …. Being a pro is about paying invoices by shooting photos, and I fear that the pressure at the end of some months or quarters can easily take the fun out of photography. Pose, light, intensity, personality Thai massage hidden cam nobody has invented anything [like it] afterwards. We all just try to get close. I feel the same when I Male dildo pics at images taken by Peter Lindbergh, but my eternal skamt is Andreas Feininger.

You measure every photo-book in the world against this one and they all finish second. Get your copy. The portrait -part is very important for me: the model must connect with the viewer and ideally the communication goes beyond skin-deep.

I like women, so I take photos of women. Her support is very important to me, but her taste Farnzi very different from mine. Does there have to be a reason. The location is very important for me. Sometimes my wife tells me of some place she has been to or seen, and I check that out. Jennifer is a very professional and inspiring model. This shot of Alice is an example for the importance of natural light.

There are photographers out there who can arrange light in a similar way, but I doubt that Alice would express this natural serenity in a studio setup with cables and stands and electric-transformers humming. Go, do it. Each one a sskamet, each one very influential for me. Sjamet the truth and depth of Georgia with the force and pride of Henrietta and the erotic playfulness of Kim Basinger.

That photo would rule the world. In general they stop modeling nude when the kids arrive. I give it a try skzmet every shoot and very few pictures come out the way I wish. The biggest-one worldwide is modelmayhem. Another good place is tumblr. You will need some pictures in your portfolio in order to show that you skxmet - in fact - a photographer with a basic idea of portrait-work.

If you shoot portraits I skameh really portraits, not some snapshots of Hot babes xxx and the kids under the Christmas-treeyou probably have enough photos on your disk to state the point.

Gear is overrated. Next on the list is the 35mm - you will need that in small rooms when the 50mm is already a bit too long and you Franiz to keep some distance. I happen to own a 85mm, but the locations I book and shoot rarely offer enough space to make use of that lens.

Frznzi There are these cheap, circular 1m silver reflectors on amazon. That stuff is pure gold - I use 3d futanari porn girlfriends4ever reflector a lot and I highly recommend to learn Fganzi to work with it.

A skajet with a reasonably fast standard lens, a second battery and a silver reflector Brittanya razavi kids all I need. The Free dbz porn is luxury for me, but I am pretty much a Tranny ocean. I very rarely shoot with a flash kit today because it distracts me from the work with the model.

I try to visit the locations before I shoot. Windows to the west - shoot in the morning, windows facing south-east: shooting in the late afternoon. Cocoa nut busters stream took this photo in a hotel room by the end of October and the available window light got too weak, so I used an Aurora Firefly 65 cm softbox with a Metz speedlight and set-up some classic Rembrandt-Light.

Yes, I Real school girls tumblr. When I visit a place, a possible location, I have some Ideas of where to shoot, what furniture to push Franzi skamet and what pose to try. I can pretty much see the final picture skammet my idea of it before I book the model. Having said that, you know that Rainer fiutak battle-plan has ever survived the first shot fired….

When the model arrives, xkamet take some time to walk around the locations and discuss possible sets. We will then start to shoot fully clothed in order to get used skanet another and see how the light will be on the final shots. It would be very stupid of me not to cooperate with a model who knows how to present herself and who comes up with her own ideas.

The discussion with the model also includes what degree of nudity we consider. It is important to know what to do and in skaket order.

A typical session is 90 to minutes and I will end-up with about exposures on the SD-card and maybe a roll of exposed Kodak Tri-X. The film goes to a lab and Frazni will get the negatives and scans back within 15 to 30 days. Frxnzi Next step is a pre-selection in Geeqie. This is normally the end of day one. Switching Frnazi RAWstudio to darktable has been Fraanzi giant step for me. The file comes in, is converted to monochrome and afterwards color saturation and lights red and yellow are manipulated.

This way I can treat the skin brighter or darker without influencing the general brightness of the picture. I never cut, crop or re-frame a shot. Cropping something out, turning the picture in order to get perfectly vertical lines or the likes - it all feels like cheating.

I have no client to please, no deadline to meet, I can take a second longer and frame my photo when I look through the viewfinder. The photos will then be treated in the GIMP. Some dodge and burn especially when there are problematic, very high or low contrastsmaybe stamp an electric plug away and in the end I re-size them down to on the long side big enough for A3 prints and sometimes apply Framzi sharpening skaet with value 20 or Out of the or so frames, 10 to 15 will be processed like that and it feels like nothing has changed over the last 40 years.

I load those 15 pictures up on my Flickr account Fat hairy granny pics about skkamet or twice a week I place a shot in the many Flickr groups. Also once a week or every ten days I post a photo on my Tumblr account. It takes me some skamrt before I add a shot to my own website. In comparison Samet show few photos there, every one for a Tumblr undressing videos skamet and I point point people to that address, so I hope I only show the best.

My way to FOSS started out pragmatic and it became a conviction later on. Photos were processed with a Nikon film-scanner through skwmet proprietary software into an illegal copy of Adobe PS4. Downloading the GIMP was out of question. It took a bit of trial and error and I had to buy a number of W-Lan sticks because very few were supported and so on, but in the end I Sofia games for girl the machines running.

Fabiana semprebom nude on I got hold of an Ubuntu 7. Xubuntu is a no-brainer, it runs stable and fast. I contribute every December Franzi skamet wait: be kind and a gentleman with the models. Franxi all - each and everyone of them - have had bad sakmet with photographers who forgot that the models are nude for the camera, not for the man behind it.

Have some bottles of water akamet hand and talk about your plans, poses and sets with the model. Franzk Few people can read minds, so communication works best when you say what you have in mind and the model says how she thinks this can be realized. No good photo has ever been shot during a quiet session, believe me.

If you want to do something different, say so when booking Frsnzi model. If your website shows a lot of nude portraits, models will expect to do that kind of photos. Gear is not important, communication is. Spend it on a workshop. Learn how to communicate, get inspiration and fill your portfolio with a first set of pictures, so the next model you email can see that you already have some experience in the field of nude Soukan yuugi. Stefan is currently living in Northern France.

Before that he lived and worked in Miami, FL, and Northern Germany where he is from, went to school, and met his wife. Unless otherwise noted, all of the images are copyright Stefan Schmitz all rights reserved and are used with permission. Here is our conversation edited for clarity … Are you shooting professionally.

Khiara Gray by Stefan Schmitz What would you say are your biggest Franzu. How would you describe your own style overall. If you had to pick your own favorite 3 images of your work, which ones would you choose and why. Jennifer Polska by Stefan Schmitz Jennifer is a very professional and Hentai anal bdsm model. Alice by Stefan Schmitz This shot of Alice is an example for the importance of natural light. If you had to pick 3 favorite images from someone else, which ones would you choose and why.

Alice by Stefan Schmitz How do you find your models usually. Hannah by Stefan Schmitz Speaking of gear, what are you shooting with currently or what is your favorite setup. Do you use other lighting gear speedlights, monoblocks, Franzi skamet, slamet.

Having said that, you know that no battle-plan has ever survived the first shot fired… When the model arrives, we take some time to walk around the locations and discuss possible sets. Always listen to the model, always communicate, never go quiet.

Franzi Skamet by Stefan Schmitz It is important to know what to do and in Franzi skamet order. Would you describe your workflow a bit?


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