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During the majority of this episode Himeno watches out for her cousin and makes sure the girl is safe and happy. Lives in a karate dojo. Half-Human Hybrid : She's a half-angel, half-catgirl hybrid. Willing to face her fears. Her centaur body is a light gray, her hooves are black and her tail is short. Himeno tends to be evasive to and troubled by the pursuers, especially when the pursuer has a different form to her. Has a rough personality. Life is too precious to spend it making needless arguments in a community that should be the shining example of loving an amazing medium.

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This article is a stub. Archery Wizard. Anime Girls.

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Show Spoilers. Follow TV Tropes. The anime's ED also focuses on her. However, Shino eventually becomes friends with them.

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Start a Wiki. Himeno Kimihara is a very interesting take on the monster girl concept. Slice of Life Anime [Genres].

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Honestly it seems that no matter what, Himeno will continue to blow us away with some hidden skills and that only strengthens our love for her. Himeno tends to be evasive to and troubled by the pursuers, especially when the pursuer has a different form to her. Details Pictures Clubs. Theme Twin Naming : Their names all begin with "Chi". View wiki. Fukagawa, Seria Japanese. Shino is a light-skinned young centaur with shoulder-length black hair that has bangs swept to the right with a section of her hair that is often tied back with a bow and green eyes. Contents [ show ]. Yuri Feats While preparing for a class play, centaur Himeno Kimihara, who is playing the princess, ends up kissing her demon friend Nozomi Gokuraku after a male classmate who had originally hoped to play the prince role modified her script. Rino is also a descendant of a princess from a samurai family and a red-haired European invader, but the recent generations of the bloodline are simply commons.

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,imihara Unique Untradable. Physical Damage. LEVEL Soot Black Dye. Himeno kimihara Jet Black Dye. Upon the surface of this multi-aspected crystal are carved the myriad deeds of dancers from eras past. HP Melee DPS Healer Physical Ranged DPS Disciples of the Hand.

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Because of this, they're often referred to collectively as "Chi-chan". This article is a stub. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites.

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Find out in Centaur no Nayami, a story about monster people living normal lives. Always cool and composed. As a result, she's deeply terrified of Quetzalcoatl Sassassul, an Antarctican exchange student, at first; Sassassul's attempt at a smile causes her to faint on the spot. In the very first episode, Himeno and her friends are running for gym class.

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