Lost sector sunken isles location. Dreaming City Lost Sector Locations (27 Photos)

Go through it to proceed through the Lost Sector. Lost Sectors while being marked on the map with an icon are not labeled. Hide low-scoring comments Yes No. Biker Dash. By Giuseppe Nelva December 23, Dulfy 4 Comments Sep 10, You should see an orange-lit road leading underneath it see screenshot.

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Destroy the Elite to gain access the chest. Exodus Black Lost Sector 24 Location : The Void You need to head to the western perimeter wall in order to finding a small opening that should lead you to the Lost Sector. Since Forsaken has been running can you add the names of the Lost Sector Captains.

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To find it, head to the northeast edge of the map and walk on the ledge before making a jump to broken gentry. Underneath the bridge, on the south side is a chest. Go through the building, jumping down the shaft and head down the ramps to find the main chamber.

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Kill the Fallen Elite and claim your prize. Go through to enter the boss area. The Drain 2.

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You don't have far to go before you make it to the main chamber. Take these foes out they're mainly Phalanx and Legionnaires, then head for the open doorway behind them. You should have it unlocked automatically upon completing the adventure. Take them out and claim your chest. At the marker on the map you will see a tiny hole leading to a darkened tunnels. The entrance is right under the bridge, on the north side. Go through the building, jumping down the shaft and head down the ramps to find the main chamber.

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Source Youtube. At the Sunken Isles Landing Zone, drop off north from the cliff to the path below. Cross the river to get to the land on the other side. Locate the marking indicated on the map to find the entrance to the cavern. The Lost Sector insignia is emblazoned on Lost sector sunken isles location immediate boulder you pass by. Head right of the boulder to enter the cavern the path should be lined with blue plants. Go through the passage and drop down to the rocky terrains.

Keep going past an illuminated path until you reach The Quarry. Eliminate the Cabal soldiers along the way. After fending them Synken sector sunken Lost sector sunken isles location location, go through the opening behind the small boulder to Carolin einhoff a crawl space.

Go through to enter the boss area. Take out platoon of Legionary at the entrance then scale the path on the right. Defeat Fortifier Yann to retrieve the Cache Access it for your reward.

Drop off by the edge to locatino the metal floor below then pass through the side. Continue along the path, make a left and descend the ramp to find the Lost Sector. Jump down the circular opening on the floor, keep going straight then left at the fork. Follow the path and take out Devourer Darg to snag the Cache Code. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Winding Cove. Firebase Hades. The Gulch. Lost Sexy nackt bilder sunken isles location The Sludge.

Sunken Isles.


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Entrance to this Lost Sector is behind the rock marked with the Lost Sector symbol. Behind that rock is the cave leading to the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector. You'll find an Elite Fallen waiting for you at the end. Take out the Elite to claim the code to the chest in the same room.

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You'll find the Elite and the chest in the final chamber. A little ahead, enter the structure with a blue board above it. This can be frustrating when you are trying to complete a task that requires you to go to a specific Sector.

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