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That had to have been one of the strangest conversations of all times. She usually wears a white v-neck shirt with a wide collar that reveals some of her cleavage and a dark skirt. Then Kurumu pushed Moka aside; Mizore froze Kurumu and stopped her in her tracks. Not a bad idea"; he'll make them forget everyting that will happen. Featured in groups See All. Natsu looked around as they walked toward the creepy buildings "Hey Moka I've got a question for you what is this place it looks like someone made it for all the monsters out of ghost stories to be at home here". Lamia Physiology : As a lamia, Ms.

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Rosario to Wait What? Chapter 5 6. Saizuo realized that he was in over his head this guy is a monster! He gently held her as she drank.

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It's just when I met someone as sweet as you are and we seem to get along well so, I naturally think of you as a friend. After a few blinks the headmasters words sank in and Natsu smiled "you are really going to help find me a way home, and give me a place to live? However, he merely moves out of the way, claiming to have seen that move coming a mile away. Moka shook her head "no as a matter of fact you said everything right and if you keep doing it I may have a hard time letting go of you when you have to return to your world.

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The spell breaks on everyone, who faint, and Kokoa expresses her delight in Moka being able to break free of the spell. Chapter 5 6. That was when he finally heard Moka calling his name.

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Ruby falls from the ceiling, saying that disturbing the peace of the school is not allowed. He thinks to himself that the first step of his "plan" is complete. She usually wears a white v-neck shirt with a wide collar that reveals some of her cleavage and a dark skirt. Rubbing his jaw from laughing so hard Natsu said "Because I am a dragon slayer, the fire dragon slayer to be exact. Not a bad idea"; he'll make them forget everyting that will happen. She does this through a flower-like appendage on her tail. Nekonome, Mizore, Yukari, Kurumu and Moka apologize to Tsukune in their minds, saying they'd like to help him, but they can't control their actions. Chapter 8 9. Soon as the fist was passed over his head Natsu stopped Saizuo forward momentum with a brutal upper cut that lifted the boy clear off his feet, as Saizuo started to drop back to the ground Natsu followed up the first hit with a vicious elbow to the chest that put Saizuo on his ass.

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Edit Character Information. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Ms nekonome Pictures Clubs. Shizuka Nekonome. Remove from Favorites Nekonoem to Ms nekonome Animeography. Ms nekonome to Vampire add Supporting. Rosario to Vampire Capu2 add Supporting.

Her true form is a Ms nekonome and she loves to eat fish, nekoome favorite fish are the ones from the human world. She has a tendency to say 'meow' in or after sentences. A recurring gag is Ms nekonome she Free nude cougar pics students about staying in human form, but unknowingly has tail extended. Voice Actors. Inoue, Kikuko Japanese.

Marchi, Jamie English.


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Natsu looked at the brightly blushing Moka, and gave her one of his cheesy smiles "that right I did, I'm sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you. Opening his eyes, Tsukune found himself leaning over his homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekonome. Terms of Service.

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Chapter 1 2. Kotaro puts his arms around Moka and Kurumu, who press their breasts against him and gaze up at him adoringly. Ririko is a "little weird". Ririko is a woman with light-colored hair dark brown with an auburn tint in the anime with circular glasses over her eyes.

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