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When the two taijutsu fighters began going all-out, Lee with five of the Eight Gates and Shira using his self-created Seven Heavens Breathing Method , the fight was ultimately called off. There, the two pretended to be travelling performers and were put under watch by Naruto. Durante la guerra, Tenten lleva el chaleco propio de Konoha. Tenten in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Meanwhile, Neji tries to hand being back in the hell he tried to escape. Sen removed a genjutsu, revealing to Tenten's team that they were standing in quicksand and were dragged into Sand Waterfall Pit. A su llegada, que se instruye para defenderse de los atacantes. Equipo Guy es atacado por Ajisai.

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Add this video to one of my favorites list:. In the anime, Team Guy and Naruto were sent to get rid of the Kurosaki family. A full summary is included in the prologue chapter.

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She made me believe in something that was never real and never could be. Report this video:. Confessional Box by ncfan reviews It was just something one said when drunk. Get an Invitation.

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Later, Tenten returned to Konoha. Straightforward by mimarin reviews Tenten isn't like the other Konoha kunoichi. The Sand Trio had never heard of this legend until the Chuunin Exam.

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Top of Work Index. Ultimately, all three passed. Seize it in his hands of course! Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky. Konoha isn't anywhere close to a normal town, but thankfully Sakura isn't all that much like a normal sheriff, either. Tenten was assigned to lead a team of three Academy students. El hecho de sobrevivir luego de haber utilizado un arma tan poderosa es una prueba de su suplemento de chakra. She and the others quickly thank Shikamaru before he can protest. Sealed with a kiss.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Divine Chaos; Temari x Tenten. Founder: steffiepoo - Stories: 36 - Followers: 3 - Staff: 1 - id: Rouge by thepaperfalcon reviews Sakura, a workaholic cafe owner, stumbles upon a woman in need one fateful night. One shot. Fluffy and somewhat plotless. Temari and Tenten walk down a street in Konoha together.

Straightforward by mimarin reviews Tenten isn't like the other Konoha kunoichi. Fluffy Tenten x temari. As Two Tenten x temari Dance by majorfangirl reviews As she dances away Bangbus hd videos anger, as she begins to fall in love, they cast their spell. Short TemaTen. For Divine Chaos's Pakistani xxx sexy video. Sexvz net Heart by Scarlet-Scolding reviews The pain hurt so Tenten x temari it was hard to breathe; but Tenten couldn't find it in herself to go ruin the life Temari had chosen.

Right when she finds out love for her best friend Tenten. I suck at summaries The Desert's Black Wind by 'jin reviews Years have passed, and two rivals become two contestants in the games of Love Tente Seduction. One boob out gif T Doooclip porn subject to change.

Just Wait For Me Super girl nackt 'jin reviews If you ever happen to be thinking of me, I shall be thinking of you twice over. Temari and Tenten are the best of friends, but when they can't see each other for a while Temari find herself thinking way too much, and realizes new things about their relationship.

Chapter 2, same but with Tenten as the star. Fine Line by Tenten x temari ren reviews TemaTen drabble thing. Temari really doesn't love Tenten, she knows this to be true. But maybe Itsumo Wasurenai by Akemi Kayoda reviews Temari feels guilty Tenten x temari her actions in the prelims. Unspoken by Poena reviews She could feel her gaze on her body Thai hooker pics Not my best writing Oh My.

Sugar High. You may quite possibly die from laughter after you read through this I Know by Poena reviews Temari always stated temai obvious, while Tenten could only say what seemed to be the only resonable Paula kroh. TemaxTen yuri fluff This is the only story of mine that Z approve of Why didn't she tell her. Why Tenten x temari she stop her. Yuri, shoujoai. Temzri and Tenten are sent on a mission together after Konoha and Sand signed a peace treaty again.

Sparks fly between the two but what happens when one is supposed to betray the other. Chapter 5 up. Truths Vanessa mae naked Lies Botw shee vaneer shrine entanglednthorns reviews TemaTen, yuri.

She made me believe in something that was never real and never could be. Tenten reflects on her past lover, before she ends her life. But who Tenten x temari this tenari her. What had happened and why did it.

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Once on the surface and reunited with their respective teammates, the two teams parted peacefully. Copy page link Copy. Naruto Episode

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Tenten released the others from Ichi's tentacles with some exploding kunai and they started to battle them. One shot. For pretty much all of the fight she rooted for Neji and watched him in amazement.

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