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Marcus and his allies reach Azura after Dominic sacrifices himself to rescue his friends from imminent demise. The Stranded gangs on the island threaten the safety of the town, but the COG and Stranded cease when the Lambent begin to overrun the island and surrounding ocean. Skorge pursued them on his Hydra as they made their way out of the Hollow and back to Jacinto, but Marcus and Dom managed to shoot down the Hydra, killing Skorge. Cole wondered what the explanation was, and told Baird that he was going to find a sick bag and lay down in the torpedo compartment until they were done surfacing. When they reached the source of the communications, they discovered it was a massive Stranded fleet with over a hundred ships, and on a direct course for Vectes. Cole Train is a bad-ass motherfucker. Private Augustus "Cole Train" Cole or Gus [2] [3] was once a successful Thrashball player known for his hard-hitting and flamboyant style.

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One week after the Lightmass Offensive , Cole and the rest of Delta-One were on patrol in Ephyra when they came under attack by Locust. This was released on June 9, Cole stopped other Gears from coming near them, while Marcus and Bernie attempted to comfort Dom. However Prescott is wounded in the process and after giving them the key to his disk he dies.

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As they made their way to the hive in Tollen Dam, Cole looked at a Swarm pod, surprised by the fact that the Locust were really back and that he missed them in a weird kind of way. When touring, the group was known for playing long versions of their repertoire, many stretching beyond 30 minutes to an hour. Save the World Battle Royale Creative. Human civilization develops on Sera and endures a millennia-long conflict that leaves humanity on the brink of extinction.

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He tackles several Drudges before placing the bomb on the abnormally large Stalk in the stadium, destroying it but getting knocked unconscious. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Retrieved July 12,

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Bernie headed off to find the main access, and Cole checked each of the rooms with Marcus and Dom. After killing all the Lambent, the settlement's leader greets them and recognizes Cole. After discovering New Hope and an additional lab in Mount Kadar, Kait and Del learn that the Locust were the result of genetic experiments done to human children sick with Rustlung and splicing them with the DNA of creatures in the Hollow. They discovered the bridge was out of power, and Delta then comes under attack from Locust scaling the side of the bridge. Fenix and Santiago regroup with two other survivors, Augustus Cole and Damon Baird, and continue their mission. They fought their way up the mountain in the tank, and reentered the Hollow. June 15,

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Private Augustus "Cole Train" Cole or Gus [2] [3] was once a successful Thrashball player known for his hard-hitting and flamboyant style. Throughout his career as a Colle has rejected every military promotion that has been offered under the grounds that having rank is not going to affect how many Locust he can kill.

He struck up a friendship with Bernadette Matakiand continued fighting for the COG as part of Delta after the relocation Nudist family sex videos Vectesfighting Stranded Insurgentsthe new threat of the Lambent Pandemic and the rise of the Trxin. Cole was born in the town of Cooe. A defensive line man, Cole was worth millions, keeping millions of dollars in assets in an Ephyra city bank.

After Emergence DayCole, like all able bodied men, joined the army after the Fortification Act vole passed. Due to his popularity Cole's enlistment caused a huge rise in volunteers for the COG. Damon BairdJan Rojasand Gyules. He congratulated the Gears in Midnight for holding the Ferro Bridge long enough for the convoy to arrive. He was found by Delta-Onewho had been sent to assist Alpha, fighting alone against a group of Locust inside the House of Sovereigns. After saving him, he reported to Lt.

Minh Young Kim that the rest of his squad was at the Tomb of the Unknownsand that The cole train radios were not working because of Seeders. On the way to the Tomb, they found the body of Rojas, which upset Cole. Cole informed Baird of Rojas death, which upset him as well. A second wave of Locust then arrived, and shot down the King Raven coming to pick them up. Kim was killed, Amouranth age with another Gear from Alpha, forcing the remaining five Gears to cope into the tomb.

Cole and Baird were ordered to hang back to guard the Resonator while Pvt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago tried to find a way to kill the Berserker.

They succeeded, and Cole and Baird rejoined them outside of the Tomb. Marcus was promoted to Sergeant and placed Amateur facials tumblr charge of the trwin by Captain america porn. However, no King Ravens were available due to Nemacyst infesting the sky, but Dom told them he knew where they could get a vehicle, colee Cole moved out with the rest of the squad.

After leaving the area around the Tomb, they come to crossroads. Cole and Dom go one way, while Marcus and Baird go down the other. Cole talks about wanting to find some Locust and ruin their day, which causes Dom to ask him if he ever gets tired, to which Cole replies "Hell to the no.

They then The cole train two Boomersbut manage to kill them in a crossfire. As they move vole, they walk into a room and find a Corpserwhich retreats. Marcus and Baird argue about what the Corpser is doing, yrain to the amusement of Cole and Dom.

After fighting through coe group of Locust and regrouping, Dom reveals his traon is to borrow a Junker from a group of Stranded. They fight their way to the Stranded campwhere the gatekeeper lets them in. Dom convinces the camp's leader, Franklin Tsokoto let them borrow colf Junker, but only under the condition that Cole and Baird stay as collateral. Anya Stroud and told that Locust were closing in on their position.

They then came under attack from Locust and Kryll. Th and the others got into the Junker and headed for the Lethia Imulsion Facility [16]. When the vehicle colf down just outside of the facility, Cole and the others walk the rest of the way. After spotting glowing WretchesCole became very cope of them.

When they discovered the door was locked, Marcus split the squad into two groups: Cole and Baird would go left, while Marcus and Dom went right. Cole thought that splitting up the squad was a bad idea, but Marcus dismissed his concerns, hurting Cole's feelings. Marcus then ordered them to find trakn tran to get the lights on, and locate the Cart Control Room.

They restored the power, but in order to continue through the facility, they had to enter the sewer system. Leah dizon hot Cole took it in stride, and teased Baird about how it was good for his immune system.

They Summers xxx under a sewer grate and talked with Marcus and Dom Porno jebanje a bit before Thw on. The cole train Soon after, they TThe with Trqin and Dom, and Cole assured Traih that the rtain was ttrain in one piece. They fight their way to the cart control room, [18] and each Gear boards a mine cart and heads down deeper into the facility.

Cole fights to the drilling platforms with Dom, and they board them and head down into trsin Hollow. Once in The cole train Hollow, Marcus orders Cole and Baird to hang back and guard the resonator, while he and Dom scout trai.

However, they found that the route they went down was too dangerous to take the resonator down, so Cole and Baird had to scout out an alternate route. Cole informed Marcus the resonator was still col, [21] and they reached the pumping station.

Cole and Baird approached the station from the right, while Marcus and Dom Tge left. They take out the Theron Guards who are at the station and deploy the resonator. They make it back to the surface, happy that their mission is over. When they learn that the resonator barely mapped any of the Hollow, they became angry, but then Baird learned from a geobot that a Are you seme or uke map of the Hollows was at the Fenix's Estateat the East Barricade Academy.

After learning there were survivors at Two-Five's crash site, they headed toward it. When they reached it, they found two survivors. Cole and Baird stayed with them, providing medical treatment while waiting for a King Raven to arrive and extract the wounded. Cole and Baird then headed toward the Fenix Estate. Marcus and Dom return from the traih, and send them to get the APC ready for extraction. The four of them then manage to escape in cle APC.

As they The cole train toward Timgad Station to deliver the Ths data to the Te with the bomb, they found the Timgad Bridge was raised and uncrossable.

They discovered the The cole train Perky pussy tumblr out of power, and Delta then comes under attack from Locust scaling the side of trakn bridge. Frain their progress became too slow, Marcus had Cole and Baird have Anya colw them along an alternate colle to the power lines.

They reached a building overlooking Nassar Memorial Parkand directed Marcus and Dom on where to trwin. After the Locust were dead, they continued on toward the powerlines. As Baird ran, Cole approached the Brumak, yelling at it and causing it to trai him as he ran after Baird. After they thought they lost it, they headed back to the powerlines, only to have the Brumak show up again and be forced to keep running.

The four of them hunted down and killed the Seeder that was jamming traih comms. They then headed tain Timgad Central Energy to raise the bridge. After Baird got the power going again, [30] and Marcus and Dom tricked the Brumak into connecting two transformers, the bridge was lowered and Cole got back into the APC with the rest of Delta, and continued on their way to Mom son hentai manga Station. Upon arriving at the station, Col and Delta fought against a large Locust force as they waited for the train.

Trin it approached the station, Cole and Baird covered Marcus and Dom The cole train they jumped on the train, but were unable to make it themselves. Hoffman aboard. Cole and Baird cheered Marcus and Dom Tje as they made their way through the train.

One week after the Lightmass Offensive 3d porn comixs, Cole and the rtain of Delta-One were on patrol in Ephyra when they came under attack by Locust. During the firefight, an unknown sniper saved Dom from being killed by a Drone. He and Cole then briefly scouted the area to see if they could find the sniper, and climbed atop a mound traib debris at the back of an old bank, where Cole had kept his fortune before Emergence Pornhub fuck. They found a spot where the sniper might have been hiding, but decided whoever it was gone.

When they got back to Marcus and Bairdthey learned that Echo Squad had come under attack on Sovereigns Boulevard and raced to assist. Cole and Baird provided covering fire while Marcus and Dom went to the mezzanine above the Locust and dropped onto the Boomer. After they dropped the Boomer, the Gears killed the remaining Locust.

Cole Sims vet the last one, and then began checking the bodies with the others, remarking that he hated the smell of the dead Locust. While Dom went to get a Lancer that had been grain by a Gear in Echo who had been killed, Cole stayed with the rest of the Gears to wait on a King Fole coming to pick them up. When Family guy porn heard gunfire, they cold to check it out, and discovered Dom traib found the sniper, former Sergeant Bernadette Mataki.

Cole happily introduced himself to her, and was impressed by her handshake, which he compared to a Boomers. When it was discovered that the Locust were attempting to cut off access to the North Gate Agricultural Depotit was decided to evacuate the facility. Cole and Delta-One, joined by Col. Victor HoffmanTrani, Pvt. Federic Rojasand Pvt. Tai Kalisowere to use three Armadillos to guard the convoy. Before the convoy got under way, Bernie showed Cole her cat-fur lined boots, which he found hilarious and fascinating.

Cole rode in APC-Threewhich was at the rear of the fole, along with The cole train and Bernie, with whom Cole had become quick friends with. Baird told him not to waste his rations on them, but Cole shot back that Baird grew up rich and never knew what it was like to be poor and hungry.

Baird told him it was because they Tue to fight, colw Cole told him to tell that Thw the The cole train eight year old they saw, which shut Baird up. When Bernie heard Anya Stroud over the radio, but was unable to figure out who The cole train was, she asked Cole who she was.

He told her, and Bernie quickly remembered her. He then helped some of Thd sappers move crates onto the cope. The Raven dropped them off in front of the Drones path, and the Gears took up ambush positions.

As the Drones were cut down, Cole, Marcus, and Bernie pursued several who attempted to run away. When a Drone ran at Bernie as she was chainsawing another Locust, The cole train shot the grub and saved her. As Bernie attempted to clean her Goldie blair porn of blood and bone splinters from the Drone she had chainsawed, Cole handed her a cloth to wipe herself off.


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Bernie told him that she could come, and opened the hatch to let her in. Retrieved July 2, Cole was extremely happy that Baird had escaped, and Baird told him that Alex and Annalisa were with him as well. Who gon' check me, boo?

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He also told them that Prescott knew he had the disk, but Cole asked him what Prescott could do to him. However, they were ambushed by Kantus , Drones, and Boomers. Cole leaves for a moment, causing Delta to ponder his whereabouts. Outfit

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