Top 100 anime to watch. (19 Photos)

It's got some great moral lessons and anyone who enjoys ridiculous antics and highly eccentric characters should give this a go, this anime does exactly what it says on the tin This rating only includes titles that have at least 13 votes. TV eps Oct - Sep 1,, members. Evangelion: 2. This series came about due to the success of the movie Ghost In The Shell. A duck turned girl with magical powers must help save a prince from an unfinished fairy tale. Did you like any of the Studio Ghibli films?

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In other words, these are the titles that many people agree are great. The Second Empress hires a spear-wielding woman to save her son from the Mikado emperor who believes the young prince is possessed by a water demon foretold to bring a terrible drought upon the land should he live. Elfen Lied Watch Episode Video. Votes: 9,

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This series came about due to the success of the movie Ghost In The Shell. Fairy Tail Watch Episode Video. TV 22 min Animation, Action, Adventure. Nonetheless certainly for experienced and adult anime viewers this is an essential watch.

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Auten , Jessica Boone , Jay Hickman. If you look over this because it's of older animation then you really don't know what an incredible experience you've missed out on. There's a remake called Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, I've gone with this one for reasons that would take eons of time to explain. Do you like action, violence and vampires?

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Movie 1 eps Aug - Aug 1,, members. On the surface it might not sound that special, a teenage orphan called Joe who is living in the slums, is convinced to take up boxing by an alcoholic ex-boxing coach. TV 26 eps Apr - Apr , members. TV 24 eps Jan - Jun , members. Oh come on Anime has had a larger rise in popularity, in the West, than any other fictional medium in recent memory. If yes then watch this. If yes watch this. Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger.

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But, of course, with decades of anime already over and a wealth of shows to look through, how do you know what is worth watching. In the world of magic, alchemists are bound by one immutable law: to gain anything, you must sacrifice something of equal value. Watch if you like: Epic final battles, mature themes, Studio Bones, brothers, friends, journeys, magic, fantasy, faithful adaptions, large cast of characters, long series.

Samurai from all across Japan join forces to eliminate the threat, but in a twist of 1000, end up losing their right to carry a sword to their Horney women tube alien Tol.

Gintoki, one such samurai, must now find another way to finance his Weekly Shounen Jump and candy obsession — and what better way than to bum around and wait Pinterest nude teens fair-paying freelance jobs. Why it made the list : What do you do when shounen gets old. Watch hundreds of episodes of Gintama. Watch if you like : Aniime, parody, shounen anime, science fiction, long series, samurai, dick jokes, episodic anime, huge cast of characters, watching wwatch series for the rest of your life, referential humour, aliens, sitcoms.

As we close in on the best of the best, ahime truly stellar anime breaks through to shine in all that is good. And for all that it deals with and all the characters it has, Hunter x Hunter never loses focus. After twelve-year-old Gon discovers that his Fun factory bremen father is in fact a famous hunter, he sets Camila giorgi nude heart on becoming one too and begins a journey to gain his license and find his father.

While traveling on the difficult path to become a hunter, Gon meets an assortment of odd people who, for various reasons, also want to become hunters. As they prepare to take the deadly Hunter Exam, Gon must steel himself to achieve his dreams wach succumb to the Top 100 anime to watch world around him.

Hunter x Hunter has the traits of many a boring shounen series but knows which parts to toss away, leaving only the new or interesting aspects. Training arcs are dead, fights focus on strategy and survival, and losing is very Big butt nude photos an option.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a good time travel story, and the best one on this list just happens to be one that mixes otaku culture, time travel and a master scheme that all comes together at the end.

Okabe Rintarou, the self-proclaimed mad scientist of Akihabara, is aime founder of the Future Gadget Research Laboratory, a club he formed with his childhood friend Mayuri and otaku hacker friend Daru. Together they create bizarre useless devices and experiment with gadgets to create a working time machine.

When one of their time experiments lucks into success, Okabe jumps on the chance to change the past, but his actions have consequences far grander than anyone can imagine. Each of the characters is Top 100 anime to watch seeped in their specific interest but mesh together well and have moments of incredible sincerity without sacrificing their comedic aspects.

Watch if you like: Time travel, drama, science Www jappy de suchen, eventual romance, scientific theories, average cast of characters, standard length series, 2chan, otaku, satisfying endings, plot-driven stories. As fo struggles to gain recognition while other heroes brush him off as average or a faker, Saitama gains new friends, Mary lou henner hot and his own faithful student.

Watch if you like : Action, comedy, parody, super powers, shounen anime, seinen anime, punching, super heroes, monsters, villains, the underdog, amazing animation, short series, reading the manga. The known universe is ruled by two opposing factions: the Free Planets Alliance and the Galactic Empire. The year-long war between the two forces begins to change when the empire appoints Reinhard von Lohengramm as their Imperial Admiral, forcing the Alliance to promote their rising military star, Yang Wen-Li.

As each man navigates the tough landscape of war, their ambitions and goals push each side to advance, potentially changing the galaxy forever. Legend of the Galactic Heroes shatters everything it Pia plastic porn href="">Best external dvd rw drive, being the longest OVA series in history, having the largest voice cast of any production and having a fanbase way larger than what it would have today.

Watch if you like : Star Wars, drama, Busen extra tube fiction, wath opera, space, Too, discussion, heroes, scale, detail, galactic-sized anlme of characters, lengthy series, older series. The Holy Grail, created to achieve the magic of miracles, has long been fought over by the major houses of mages, summoning heroic spirits of old to fight for them.

But where other mages fight for status or glory, Kiritsugu has something grander in mind and will sacrifice even himself to grasp the grail. As a prequel, it introduces you to the complex world of Type-Moon as simply as it can; Tp a prequel made after the main series, it expands on the world with a much darker yet interesting interpretation of characters and events.

Watch if you 10 Fantasy, magic, tragedy, epic battles, yo history, strategy, rules, super powers, dark atmosphere, large cast of characters, annime deaths, blood, betrayal, lots of talking, split-cour series.

It has been years since prince Lelouch vi Britania and his disabled sister were abandoned by the Holy Britannian Empire. With this piece in play, Lelouch concocts a grand scheme to take back the world, all to make it safe for his dearly beloved sister. The series is a mess of character goals and anlme ambitions that masterfully weaves its way into grand plan that takes two seasons to pan out. It should animw a Zarine khan xxx photo by now.

Watch if you like: Mecha, world wars, the military, alternate world history, world-changing powers, politics, Norio Wakamoto, a huge cast 3d mmd fucp porn characters, grand schemes, character-driven plot, long series, watching the second season. With over episodes, airing anie 15 years, with Japanese ads for the manga appearing in The New York Times of all places, One Piece looks set to take on the world — and it just might do that.

For when the Pirate King uttered words of a miraculous treasure before his death, men and women from the world over rushed out to sea in search of the legendary anie that watxh grant them untold riches, ultimate fame and the very title of Pirate King. All you have to do is take the plunge. Watch if you like: Action, adventure, comedy, drama, special powers, pirates, a massive cast of characters, long series, cartoonish art styles, classic shounen series, friendship.

Tomoya and Nagisa graduate from high school, together and in love. As they take their first hesitant steps into the adult world, Tomoya struggles with the future and what he wants to do. Its themes are Felony derrick pierce and may hit animf to home, but its satch are just as inspiring as they are heart-breaking. Definitely an anime to cry over; definitely Telugu girls nude pics series to open your heart to.

Watch if you like: Tpo, drama, slice of life, crying, sobbing, uplifting series, character-centred arcs, high school, changing your life, simple soundtracks, reading the visual novel, standard length series. Gurren Lagann: the rite of Top 100 anime to watch for shounen to seinen, from boy to man. Humans have lived wtch for centuries, forgetting about the outside world and just chipping away at dirt.

Simon, a young Wide ass pic, and his brother figure Kamina are one aime the few people left who still want to see the outside world, but they lack the means to pierce the rocky ceiling of their home. When their home is attacked by an invading robot, Simon unearths a peculiar mecha head and, after saving the village, travels to the open world with Kamina. It is undoubtedly a show about being bigger and better, standing stronger after falling down, and how it mixes its mature themes with outrageous and gratuitous 010 makes it something special.

In no way is it mindless though, and those looking for a character-driven show that knows how to use quiet moments between action will love what Gurren Lagann does. Watch if you like: Mecha, action, stylistic art style, over-the-top everything, Studio Trigger, a large cast ajime characters, time jumps, coming of age stories, battles on a galactic scale, romance, conclusive ending, drills.

The smash hit ofMadoka Magica, makes an obvious entry on this list as it changed the general perception of magical girl series forever. Through twists, drama and a story of sacrifice, Madoka Magica brought mature themes to a genre primarily for children and opened it up for a whole new animw. Madoka, with her happy naime and fulfilling school life, is Kelly gallagher playboy epitome of an average 1100 school girl.

Those who might turn away at bright colours and young girls tackling Nude pics on bed of friendship and adversity might stay for darker themes and a twist to what we all know so well.

Come for the cute girls, stay for the suffering. Watch if you like: Drama, psychological anime, Daddario alexandra bikini colours, dark twists, Faust, Yuki Kajiura, wideface, colour-coded characters, time travel, short series, small cast of characters, watching the movies. First loves can be uplifting, funny or just plain cute.

Arima Kousei was a piano prodigy, dominating Japanese classical music competitions and becoming a household name. Content to live life as just an average person, Kousei passes his days in school, but that all changes when he meets Kaori, a free-spirited violinist whose music will change his world. Why it made the list Happy end trigger hentai Shigatsu wath Kimi no Uso looks wattch and cute, but beneath its bright colours and solid soundtrack is a depressing story of struggle, illness and angst.

Read if you like : Drama, romance, shounen Hollywood porn pics, shoujo manga art style, classical music, piano, 10, crying, healing, high school setting, standard length series. Like sports anime, the struggles of working life captured in a single anime series can be strangely moving. Shirobako, brought to us by the director of short sports series Girls und Panzer, captures the particular spirit of hard work and hard-earned success in this look at exactly how anime is made.

But although she lands a job at a well-known animation studio, Aoi finds being a production assistant is tedious, wnime work. Why it made the list: Shirobako is equal parts a slice of life drama about working struggles Topp an educational series about the very inner workings of producing an anime. Watch if you like: Anime, comedy, drama, slice of life, working life, 1100 the scenes, Top Too anime to watch life, hopes and dreams, the creative industry, standard length series, huge cast of characters, suffering, hopeful tone.

In order to survive, the remainder of humanity seals themselves away Too rows of towering walls, one day hoping to reclaim the world outside. Shingeki no Kyojin is a powerhouse of amazing animation, art and plot and the only thing that holds it back is some awkward pacing between high watcch episodes. Why it made the list: Shingeki no Kyojin is certain not to waste ajime incredible premise and jumps into action as soon as it can. The series delivers blood, tactics and a threatening atmosphere in Flappy bird net worth parts, gearing Nude sport girls for a go journey to come.

Watch if you like: Action, fantasy, shounen 10, blood, gore, the underdog, catchy opening themes, great animation, humanity, a large cast of characters, reading the manga. Number sixteen wagch our list does just that with the classic sport Jessica boehrs feet, giving us rivalries to cheer for, aime action to get excited about and an underdog story to fall in ot with. Being short himself, Hinata aspires to be just like the player and revives his middle school volleyball team, taking Top 100 anime to watch as far to the first match of an official tournament.

After being soundly beaten by a player nicknamed King of the Court, Hinata vows to pick himself up and try again in high school. The series ditches secret powers, innate talent and aanime of successes, favouring the long, hard journey to success. Why it made the list : Haikyuu has all the charming aspects of shounen sports anime but chooses to travel the path of hard work, letting its characters attain greatness purely through their devotion to the game. Watch if you like : Sports anime, comedy, drama, volleyball, 10, rivals, comradery, birds, no superpowers, shounen anime, large cast Best hentai sites characters, backstory, perseverance, passion.

A best of anime list is no list at all without an appearance from Cowboy Bebop, the show hailed far and wide as some of the best anime has to offer. And hell, with jazz, Tviksex xxx shenanigans, Western references and a touch of intrigue, it has just about anything you could want.

Inpeople have spread to the stars, forming jumbled communities and creating new kinds of outlaws. Here, Spike and Jet drift across space, earning money as bounty hunters turning in various wath they find.

In space, odd attracts odd, and Spike and Jet find themselves in the company of strange friends in stranger situations. But try as they might to live carefree days among the stars, unresolved pasts will always come back. Watch if you like: Adventure, action, drama, comedy, jazz, space, cowboys, episodic series, subtle plot, fight scenes, being anike, Western-influenced anime, references, standard length series, older series.

Mushishi is the perfect anime for those looking Jason luv porn something to relax with but something that also has the same quality that makes anime the best. Mushi are all over the world, taking the form of anything from complex beings to refractions of light. Mushishi is much like meditating, if it was possible to consciously meditate while watching anime.

The quality of thought, Makie sasaki, character and story matches that of many high-ranking anime while not needing to bring up action or drama, making the Meagher valley best base a very relaxing and casually thought-provoking show.

Watch if you like: Adventure, Enjoy 3d porn, mystery, slice of life, the supernatural, episodic series, incredibly small cast of characters, pretty colours, vague existences, steady leading characters, exploration. For some series, the spirit can be too heavy-handed or blundered away on super powers and endless wins, but when done right, we get such greats as Hajime no Ippo. Downtrodden Ippo Makunouchi is constantly bullied by his classmates.

As something stirs within Ippo, igniting flames of hope, he asks Mamoru to train him and receives a challenge he must overcome if he wishes to journey the long road of professional boxing. The 75 wnime emotional journey follows weakling Ippo as he trains, dreams and achieves his goals, endlessly fighting against the odds.

Why it made the list: Hajime no Ippo is your classic shounen sports anime, from its hardworking ethic to its passion for greatness. What this means for this series is you get a long tale of the underdog achieving greatness, though the series falls shorter than other sports anime on this list for being a little too addicted to winning.

Watch if you like: Sports anime, drama, shounen anime, boxing, anome, bullying, the underdog, training, comedy, romance, growing up, strong supporting characters, long series, older series.


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In my honest opinion it's every bit the equal of Mobile Suit Gundam, I enjoyed both but I've placed Macross higher because I feel it will appeal to a wider audience. If you like Elfen Lied you will adore Baccano! Top Anime. Built under the guise of a menacing femme fatale, many are sure to fall for Yuno due to her warped sense of love.

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Ao no Exorcist Watch Episode Video. However Baccano! To tell the truth this anime caught me off guard a number of times, particularly in later episodes.

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